Sustainability: Planning and Executing Green!


Ali Kat Productions is committed to helping businesses and organizations incorporate green practices and social responsibility into their projects. Each event, meeting, and campaign can be executed in an environmentally conscious way, from providing solutions that conserve energy, reduce material use, reuse and recycle materials, to working with local businesses to help lower their carbon footprint and stimulate and sustain the local economy.

Green initiatives are quickly becoming the rule rather than the exception, when holding an event. Being conscious about using recycled materials, reusing items, and reducing the amount of materials used can significantly lessen the environmental impact of an event, while lowering costs. AKP can help you make smarter, practical choices that consistently produce the best events.

Ali Kat Productions has teamed up with like-minded vendors and local businesses to offer green services that can be applied to any event or marketing initiative. Working with businesses such as Green Depot, a supplier of green building materials, has taken 'thinking outside the box' to a new sustainable level. Green Depot's Earth Day Grand Central Station event is a great example of material reuse and other creative sustainable solutions that made a huge impact, and helped drive traffic back to the company's retail store.

We continue to partner with local caterers and restaurants on events like the Green Schools Alliance fundraiser, where we worked with Candle Cafe to bring in foods that were fair trade, organic, vegan and dairy-free. Ali Kat Productions actively works with florists, landscape designers and green roofers, like Alive Structures, whose creations use native plants to make great centerpieces. Other partners in the sustainability realm include, Grow NYC, LOHAS, USGBC, Inhabitat and GreenHomeNYC.

Green Events Can Save Money! Did you know that collecting name badge holders for reuse at an event of 1,300 attendees can save about $975?

Green Events Can Save Resources! Did you know that using biodegradable cups and plates instead of Styrofoam or plastic at an event with 2,200 attendees can prevent nearly one ton of waste from going into a landfill?


Greening Services

Alternative Energy Sourcing

: Solar, Wind, Biodiesel Generators, Hybrid Alternative Energy, Alternative Fuel Planning

Carbon Offsetting:

Electrical, Paper & Office, Travel, Freight

Going carbon neutral is a way of demonstrating that steps have been taken to measure and reduce the emissions associated with the event’s activities. What cannot be reduced can then be offset against a project, and may include forestry, renewable resources and fuel switching. AKP can partner with carbon management organizations to help make any event carbon neutral.


Lighting, Carpeting, Tenting

Product Replacement:

Biodegradable Kitchenware, Biodegradable Trash Bags, Organic Food & Beverage

Waste Management:

Recycling, Composting, Trash, Food Donations

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